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About the Ranch

Alpacas at Savanna Creek began as a dream.  Although raised in Southern California, I had always imagined myself a country-girl. We did a lot of outdoor activities as a family – snow skiing, camping, river rafting, etc. We always had lots of animals, too, especially horses and dogs. (My mother raised German Shorthaired Pointers. She was one of the top breeders in the country.) Ah, but I digress….

At the age of 46, I found myself at a crossroads. I had been longing for a different life – one where I could be close to nature. I saw myself owning a ranch in the country, but had no idea what I could do for a living. Then, one fine day, I read an article in Sunset magazine about raising alpacas. I became very excited and was soon gathering information about alpacas and the lifestyle I was looking for. Soon, I came to realize that I was uniquely suited to this endeavor.

My father was an entrepreneur and owned a manufacturing business. I worked many years throughout my life in (almost) every department of this family business. In addition, my experience with raising and showing dogs and horses has developed in me a love and respect for animals; I am at home with animals all around me. Also, my college background and continued interest in nutrition has proven to be very helpful, as I am committed to feeding my alpacas the best feed available.

It’s not very often that one finds oneself in a position to choose again, to start over. Usually, we have obligations and commitments that stand in the way. But every so often the stars align just right, and opportunity presents itself. The window is open…So, crazy as it may seem, I packed up and moved to Oregon. (Actually, I bought 2 alpaca females first, and then moved.)I think my friends and family thought I had lost it, but now I think they know that I found it – my peace, my passion, my life.

Alpacas at Savanna Creek is a 12 acre ranch located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, in Western Oregon. The weather is perfect – always changing. I call it Rainbow Junction; once there were 3 rainbows in view from the back deck. We may get a little snow, nothing overwhelming, just enough to get excited about. The view here is awesome – I can see the alpacas from the deck, and the savanna that the ranch was named for, usually with incredible clouds overhead. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Updated July 30, 2012